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Life, Service and Cultural Adventures - G.I.V.E.  Global Initiative Volunteer Experience 

Teen Volunteer Travel & Cultural Immersion

Established in 1987 by a former Peace Corps administrator, World Horizons International, LLC, has built a reputation for meaningful and safe trips. Based in Bethlehem, Connecticut, we provide community service trips for teens which helps to build cultural immersion and understanding.

With locations in Ecuador, Fiji, and the United States, World Horizons has been successful in establishing local contacts in foreign locations, allowing our participants to blend cultural immersion with hands-on volunteer work for a rich and rewarding experience. Rather than tourists, World Horizons participants become part of the community.

Our trips demonstrate how each individual can improve relationships around the globe by reaching across barriers of culture, language, and geography to make the world a better place. While volunteering and doing community service, participants become close to the host community and enjoy an experience that most tourists will never know. Participants will also have plenty of time for adventurous exploration of their surroundings. The service component of a World Horizons program is about 70-80 percent of the experience. All programs include sightseeing in local cities, places of historic and geographic interest, indigenous markets, and cultural events. Teen volunteer travel is fun and exciting and can be extremely rewarding.

Reach new levels of understanding by visiting communities around the globe while participating in a service project. World Horizons participants discover themselves while volunteering internationally and domestically. World Horizons participants are volunteering with animals, volunteering with children and helping in locations in the U.S and internationally.

Join participants from across the country and around the globe  for an extraordinary and rewarding summer experience that will change your life. Every participant in a World Horizons program, no matter their background, has something to contribute to help make the Earth a better place to live! World Horizons community service trips for teens have been a benchmark since 1986.

Make the Choice to Make a Difference! World Horizons invites schools, educators, families, and religious groups interested in a one or two week service trip, at any time of year, to contact us about organizing  custom trip for your group. Call Stuart at (203)910-3836 to arrange yours now!

DON'T JUST DREAM IT........................................DO IT!

Painting a rainbow and doing handprints with the children at the Manual Aguilar School, Cangahua, Ecuador

Standing in front of the "Solar System Mural" at Manual Aguilar School.

Who We Are

World Horizons International, LLC, in Bethlehem, Connecticut, hosts teen service trips in an effort to better the quality of life for people all over the planet. Volunteers on our trips interact with animals, children, and more while completing various environmental projects. Our trips are more than just community service—they are cultural adventures.

Volunteer Service

Do your part to make the world a better place while taking on a cultural adventure with the teen volunteer travel offered by World Horizons International, LLC. Our unique trips create a true sense of cultural immersion and meaningful understanding.

Working with the 

dogs at Best

Friends Animal


Kanab, UT

Eric Idle with World Horizons volunteers Leanne, Kristin and Elise at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary